Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rise work while it's in the background (not open) or when the device is locked?

Yes. The only reason it wouldn't is if you:

  1. Use Do Not Disturb all day/night
  2. Use Silent/Mute switch all day/night

If you use one or both of those features you will need the app to be open (last app you have on) before you lock/put the device to sleep. This is because Apple treats an open app as "king" and it won't be silenced due to those two features.

Apple prevents third-party apps like us from bypassing these things if the app is NOT open.

Why doesn't Rise stay open when it's plugged in?

This is a bug in the current version (2.0), since it used to suppress the auto-lock while plugged in. We have a new update in review to fix this and should be available in the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

I'm getting no sound from the alarm. What's going on?

A few things to check:

  1. Is the alarm on? (swipe left / right to turn it on or off)
  2. Did you get a notification to the lock screen? (so, we can confirm the alarm being triggered but you aren't hearing sound)
  3. Are you using the iPhone/iPad silent/mute switch on the side of the device?
  4. Are you using the Do Not Disturb feature?
  5. Is your system volume at zero (double-tap the home button)?

Silent mode/DND with Rise closed (in the background) are the only reason that it wouldn't sound, but you still will get a notification.

Does Rise override the system volume?

The app actually does override the system volume. If you set your volume in Rise, then exit Rise (home button) and set your system volume really low, when the alarm triggers it will go back to the volume you set in Rise. This is if the app is open or even if it's in the background when it goes off.

Will you ever have multiple alarms or option to repeat on certain days?

We're actively looking into this feature. Trying to keep things simple before we release it :)

What is a "Progressive Alarm?"

When progressive is on and your alarm triggers it will start at zero volume and incrementally go up to whatever you set the volume to initially. It just helps to not have the alarm screaming at you right away

How do I know if a repeat alarm has been set?

After you pick a wakeup time and turn the alarm on there is a small repeat icon in the bottom right that will be lit up (you can turn it on/off from there or in the settings). You'll know it works when you wake up and turn your alarm off, it will quickly reset itself to that same time and give you a message that it's repeating.

How does shake to snooze work?

When you turn on your alarm at night, you can let the phone auto-lock, or you can hit the top button on the device to force lock it. When the alarm triggers in the morning and screen lights up you can pick up the device and shake it once and it will either turn off the alarm completely (if you have it set to "no snooze") or, it will initiate the snooze (giving you a confirmation message) and go off in whatever amount of time you've set the snooze to.

What is the lightning bolt in the upper right corner?

That indicates that the phone is plugged in/charging.